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  • Products

    How can I measure my Hervé Chapelier product ?
    You can take the measurements of your travel bag, shopping bag, tote, shoulder bag or accessory, by measuring the zipper (for length), the distance from the base of the bag and the upper opening of the bag (for height) and the base diameter (for bottom), as follows :

    Length = measurement of the zipper
    Height = measurement between the base of the bag and the top of the bag (excluding the handles or straps)
    Bottom Width = measurement of the base of the bag

    What colors are available for the item that I am looking for ?
    All of the colors displayed on-line are normally available for purchase, but stocks are limited and it is possible that a particular color will not be available at the time your order is placed.
    The Hervé Chapelier collections renew their color lines each spring/summer and fall/winter season.
    Note that, at times, there may be a discrepancy between the rendering of a color online and its actual look.

    Where can I find a product that is not on the website ?
    Hervé Chapelier products are sold in a network of Herve Chapelier and multibrand or department stores. You can find the nearest point of sale by using our store locator.

  • Packaging / Delivery

    From which countries does Herve Chapelier accept online orders?
    You may order from this website if you reside in the United States,Australia, Hong Kong, Singapour, France, Greece, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Monaco, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Finland, Denmark, Ireland and Portugal.
    If you wish to place an order for delivery in Japan, please visit
  • http://www.hervechapelierjapon.com/

    Retailers and wholesalers wishing to do business with us should contact us at online@hervechapelier.com.

    How can I place an order for an amount over $1000 (for orders shipped to the United States), or €1000 (for all other orders)?
    If you wish to place an order for an amount over $1000 or €1000 (for all other orders), please contact our customer service, which will arrange for a wire transfer payment.

    Do you offer gift wrapping ?
    You can request a gift wrap at the time of your order.
    The gift wrap costs an additional $2 (for orders shipped to the United States) or €1.50 (for all otheR orders).
    It consists of a pouch sealed with the Hervé Chapelier logo and an Hervé Chapelier ribbon.
    See our Delivery page, Customer Service for more information.

    Can I add a personal message to my gift order ?
    You can write a short message to the person of your choice at no additional cost, whether or not you order gift wrapping.
    The message will be printed on an Hervé Chapelier card and included in the shipment of the item ordered.

    What is the delivery time for orders ?
    Confirmed orders are shipped within seven business days after the date of confirmation, by FedEx or like express courier, and (depending on the ultimate destination and FedEx limitations) delivery will be made within five to ten business days (depending on the destination) after the date of shipment. For more information, please consult our Delivery Page.

  • Are there any taxes for orders shipped to US ?
    French value added tax (VAT) does not apply to shipments to the United States.
    The price quoted for your bag on this Site will include all customs duties charged under applicable law.
    FedEx shipping costs will also be added to your invoice when you check out.

    Are there any taxes for orders shipped to other countries ?
    French value added tax (VAT) is included in the prices charged for products shipped to any european country..
    Please note that there are currently no customs duties applicable to orders shipped to destinations other than the United States.
    Shipping costs will be added to your invoice when you check out.

    How can I order an Hervé Chapelier product if I am not a resident of one of the countries listed on this web site?
    Please contact our Customer Service if you wish to receive an Hervé Chapelier item for delivery at a destination other than the countries listed above.

  • Payment

    What are the guarantees of payment confidentiality and security ?
    Payment is handled via Paybox System using the encryption of your bank information. Your bank information is never stored on our server.

    What means of payment are accepted ?
    You can pay:
    • by card up to $1000 for orders shipped to the United States or to €1000 for all other orders Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard
    • for amounts over $1000 for orders shipped to the United States or over €1000 for all other orders, please contact our our Customer Service which will arrange for a wire transfer of the purchase price.

    Consult the payment conditions on the Payment, Customer Service and General Terms and Conditions of Sales page.

  • Returns and Exchanges

    How can I exchange my product?
    The exchange procedure and the conditions for the issuance of credit notes are explained in the Returns and Exchanges page.
    Our quality commitment to manufacture and ship from France means that shipping costs and customs duties can be expensive. Which means you will be required to return the exchanged bag to us at your own cost by registered mail, you will receive a credit for the cost of the returned bag only.

  • Care

    How should I care for my Hervé Chapelier bag ?
    Our care recommendations are explained in the Tips section of this Site.

  • Other questions

    How can I send a business gift ?
    To order a business gift, you can contact our Customer Service.
    We will respond to your request as quickly as possible.

    This page contains summary answers to frequently asked questions. It is intended to give you a convenient, shorthand set of relevant facts, but it does not derogate from our standard terms and conditions, which in all instances govern your use of this Site and your online order of products.