Hervé Chapelier

Cross-Body Bags




Iconic and contemporary, Hervé Chapelier’s bags combine function and French savoir-faire. Explore the Fall / Winter 2023 collection and discover the timeless bags in a vibrant winter color palette.

Ever since the early days of his enterprise, Hervé Chapelier, pioneer in the use of materials that are sturdy, colored and nimble, has offered made-for-travel bags, in orange, purple, fuchsia, red, pink and yellow tones, equipped with flat, braided handles, valuing fabrics that once upon a time were designed for safety belts used in the automotive industry. Thus was born the success of the “duffle bag.” Retaining the same materials, Hervé Chapelier launched his backpack line, which is immediately applauded and adopted by high school and college students. Items that mark an epoch and launch a new fashion.

Simplicity and originality were, yet again, the order of the day, with the famous bi-color “cabas” (traditional French market) bag, the great classic of the Brand.  A bag that has been sold in millions throughout the world, and whose success was never belied. Attentive and demanding on quality, Hervé Chapelier continues to this day to manufacture his products in France.

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